Remotec ZRC-90

Has anybody figured out how to make the Remotec ZRC-90 Work in the new app? I tried asking in this thread with no luck.

Did you find any way to install?

Hi @eric182 how I got this to work, but not natively in the app. It was using the advice in the post you mentioned.

Assumed knowledge: install custom DH in the IDE , can use web core and can install virtual switches.

I am by no means an expert in any of them, but the forums has walk throughs on all (exactly what I did to get this to work :grin:)

First decide how you will control the buttons actions, do you want to create 24 virtual switches in ST so when you press the button, webcore maps the button press to one of those virtual switches (pressed, double pressed, held 8*3 gets the 24).

For example:

I use this approach because then I just build automations within ST for each virtual button. The mapping of the physical buttons to the number in webcore are also in the post you mentioned.

Another way would be to code in what you want your button to do within webcore - I didn’t go down this path.

I had two friends get the same remote with their ST setup, they chose the virtual switch path also. After the initial setup it works well. Truly I haven’t used all the buttons yet :sweat_smile:

There probably is a more efficient way to do the coding, but see below for my webcore code in case it helps.

Hope this helps in some shape or form. :+1:t5: