[RELEASE] Remotec ZRC-90 Button Controller

I butchered a smartapp to work with the Remotec ZRC-90. I’m by no means a coder so its pretty basic and might not work for everything.

It’ll turn on/off switches, toggle dimmers, toggle doorlock (sorta) switch modes, run routines, and do siren things. It can use single taps and double tap inputs from the remote for a total of 16 different actions. I haven’t figured out the held command yet but when i do it’ll be added.

UPDATE: I fixed a derp and added the held function, its now a 24 button app.

TODO: Add Hue light colors

orginal smartapp built by dalec Here

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Core already works with this device, was there some additional functionality you were trying to add?

nope, just making an Smartapp for those that dont have/want Core

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I have core (just starting) and recently bought the ZRC-90. How do I get it to work with core? I have repos setup, etc. but no handler, etc. for this device. New to custom here.

Been using this app for awhile and has worked great. But recently, I lost the “held” function - it still works for “push” and “double tap”, but doesn’t recognize when it is held. Any idea what happened?

Wierd, I just tested my setup and the held still works. I am not quite
skilled enough to troubleshoot beyond that.

Had to remove devices from my network and then reinstall. After reprogramming, everything works again. Weird, is right.

Glad things work again for you