How to pair the ZRC-90?

My 4 button Hue remote also now works with smart lighting app…

So you could make a scene say 50% dim and activate it using the smart lighting app, tried it and works for me. I do sometimes get multiple “nulls” in the description sometimes when making the routines in the smart lighting app. I go back in and edit them and they work.

Thanks, I had not made scenes before, and this worked for me as well.

Just an update when using the official smart lighting app and the ZRC-90.

Some of the larger scenes I have do not activate from the remote, for example my dusk / dawn scenes don’t work using the remote, but if I have 2 or 3 lights in a scene on a button its fine.

Add this to the null null bug, and the fact the whole app disappeared and wiped all of my lighting automations twice, it works well !!

Would be nice if Samsung could have a look at this and do some bug fixes