How to notify only certain people when a door is unlocked

(Blair Dee) #1

I just got my smartthings hub and a zwave door lock. There are three members of my family who have iphones and we all have them setup in smartthings as presence sensors (each having their own smartthings account linked to the main account).

I set up the door lock so that it will unlock when one of the three family members arrives home and send a push notification about it. So far this works great but I right now the push notification goes to all three family members. Is there a way to choose which members the notification goes to?

(Ron S) #2

As it stands now thru the native functionality all will get the notification. V2 may change this native behavior as I understand.

(Blair Dee) #3

oh that would be really nice any ideas when v2 may arrive?

(Ron S) #4

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