How to make house looked lived in while on vacation

I was sure there was a built in way to do this as it seems everyone would want to do this.
I thought at one point the STHM had a mode for this but don;t see it.
SOrry for asking such a simple question. and No I am not using Core and Pistons.
Is there a smartapp that does this ?

If you are in the US, you have Labs, and there is an app there

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I was looking for more randomized simulating we are home. Like Alexa does.

No, SHM nor STHM never had anything - this has always been the realm of add-in smartapps like the one Milan posted. Unfortunately, most of the old Groovy smartapps are either abandoned or deprecated at this point as ST is moving into a new smartapp model and devs haven’t caught up yet with using the new models. So, what you have for now are examples like the labs offering.

So, why not just use Alexa it’s a perfectly viable alternative?

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Alexa does not have the concept of multiple houses.
So it it’s problematic.
And it can only be turned on locally in the house.

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So even though the Alexa Integration sees everything in your account - including other homes you can’t turn on guard mode and let it rock. …at least by default.

Setup a second email specifically for your second home. Invite that ‘user’ to the appropriate location. Setup Alexa for that user, Setup Smartthings Skill for that user in Amazon using the new ID. Then disable all devices from the primary ‘home’ and finally setup guard. This account should now properly learn and run Guard for only the lights in the second home.

In your primary Alexa account disable all lights from the second home in guard. (Yes the Alexa integration pulling in everything from everywhere makes this a royal mess. You could also opt to disable but I dont know if you’re using Alexa to control both locations or not.)

Should work for two unique homes with independent on/off control switches.

I use Alexa Guard for my random on off lighting needs.

I have a virtual switch in Smartthings that I call Alexa Guard. You need a special virtual switch that also has contact sensor capabilities.

I have Smartthings routines that turn that virtual switch on and off based on if my mode is Away or Home or you could use STHM as Armed Away or Disarmed.

Then I used that virtual switch to trigger an Alexa routine that turns Alexa Guard on or off.

It is all automated and I can do it from anywhere my cell phone works.

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Is it not just easier to set a few automations ?


While groovy works this is smartapp that I run and use. At the rate edge drivers beta is going, it might work for a long time.

It works well and can be activated and deactivated with automations.
you can choose several switches or lights that you have installed.

This link has all the institutions on how to install and use

If you want to use new edge drivers with some switch, plug or bulbs, you can install any of these drivers on your devices.

Zigbee switch Mc
Zigbee switch power Mc
Zigbee light multifunction Mc

These drivers have random on and off functions, which can be programmed with a maximum and minimum time individually and activated and deactivated in groups with automations. Each will perform its own random on-off-on cycle.