How to install Aeon micro switch in light fixture?

I am trying to install a microswitch directly in a light fixture. There is absolutely no room to install the microswitch behind the switch (The light switch is 2-gang size but controls a fan [1 gang] and 2 lights [mini decora switches]).

The light fixture itself has only two wires (hot-black; white-neutral). I installed the black and white wires coming from the wall directly to the microswitch (to the 2 switches marked N and L, under the “AC Power” (basically, the 2 middle terminals). I then connected the black and white wires from the light fixture itself to the wall switch terminals on the microswitch (to which I had attached pigtails of 18 AWG wire).

When I turned the power on, the smartthings hub found the microswitch and connected to it, without a problem. But the light doesn’t go on - either using my smartthings app or the wall switch.

Is the microswitch defective or am I missing something here? The light fixture has only those two wires. Thanks in advance.


Contact support at Aeon, but I don’t think it’s going to work in the configuration you describe. Their contact link is at the bottom of the following page:

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connect the Black and white wires from the light to load L and neutral and it will work. The only problem is when you turn the light switch off. You won’t be able to use the ST app to control it. That switch is now become a circuit breaker.

Thanks for the replies. I studied the Aeon wiring schematics and ultimately decided to try Ray’s suggestion and it is now working. We will keep the light switch in the on position and use the smartthings app to turn it on and off and will also get a minimote so the lights can be controlled without the smartthings app. Again, thanks!

Just something to keep in mind. A GE link bulb will do the same with half the price tag.

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Thanks, but I recently switched out all our bulbs to LED and don’t like the yellowish light that the GE bulb (at 2700k) emits.

I’ve read of people installing these things in light fixtures where they can also control the lights from the switch… is that only under certain conditions?

It’s a relay switch. You can put it anywhere it meets local codes and it will control the current. The problem is if it’s upstream from the switch, turning off the switch will turn off the current to the relay, so you won’t be able to turn it on again with the network command.

So, yeah, it depends on exactly how the fixture was wired.

Will installing int he light fixture work for a 3-way circuit? with the actual switches working?

Close to the end of this post. There is a drawing of how the micro switch hook up at the light fixture with the original switches in place.


I found this to be a very economical device for my breezeway where I have 3 switches controlling one light. I mounted mine in the ceiling box. Fortunately, I was able to get power to the box as well as 2 wires for the wall swItches. I ended up powering the aeon and wiring my 3 light switches without any power to them. It worked well and I only had $35? In the device. Now installing it in a ceiling fan box, 10 feet up…That baby will stay with the house if I ever move. I am considering using one in my bath because my power is at the light and not the switch.


10feet ceiling… That’s a nice height for sure but being a cheapskate as I am. I would take the module with me. I like the power monitor feature of the Aeon micro for also it supports momentary switch.

I will take everything else, unless it’s really outdated but that sWitch ended up taking me all day with the ceiling, heavy fan and changing the wiring around. The time is worth more than the $35. I’m a cheapskate too but at some point I have to draw the line at time vs cost. Haha

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