Wiring Aeon Miniswitch for 3 way where power is at light

I’ve seen a few posts addressing 3 way wiring where power is at the fixture and the solution is to use an Aeon Miniswitch at the light.

The piece i can’t find is, which light switch do i use at that point? Do i keep the original light switch, or do i get the GE zwave switch with and add-on, or two add-ons?

Also, Is there a special lighting automation i need to set up in the app to make it all work?

Thanks for your help.

I did this in my upstairs hall. I put the Mico switch in the light box. So now it controls the light. I then used the drawings on Aeon site which showed how to wire the micro in using various setups.

Drawings were here:

I then replaced my wall switches with new generic standard paddle switches. They were not smart switches.

I used some 16ga wire to connect the preexisting switch wiring to the Mico switch input connections. I wire nutted the wires from Mico to the wall switch wires.

If I remember I did have to completely redo the wiring from what it was before. I traced out the wires in all 3 boxes and marked what went to what before I started. Writing on the printed out drawing from the above site that matched what I was trying to do.

Once done your micro is the smart connection that remotely operates and updates the status of the switch. The wall switches now signal the micro to turn on or off if they are toggled. In theory I believe this basicly makes your 3 way a smart type 4 way since you now have 3 methods to operate the light.

As for automation software you can use any automation to control the micro as you need. Examples would be Smart Lighting, or CoRE. These would control the Mico switching on and off through your smartthings hub.

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Thank you. I have a friend coming help with the wiring, so I’ll let him figure out which wiring scenario is correct for me.

Great, help is good.

Make sure you kill the power before working. Except to find you line wire for power.

Any questions just ask. Please provide pictures or something for us to help figure out what you need.

This is the drawing I used:

Hope that helps

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This is the same wiring diagram I used for my “4-way” setup and has been working great for about a year.