How to have temperature control in kitchen

Temperature is a big concern in Indian kitchens were because most of cooking is done via LPG and kitchen becomes really hot while cooking. Exhaust fans are not enough, I was looking for a smarthome solution for my clients I hope smartthings community can help me.

You need a smart home solution to a hot kitchen ?
I think it’s just as simple as opening the door or window isn’t it

Smartthings temperature control, being 100% cloud-dependent, is not a safe choice.

If your exhaust fan is not enough then you need a bigger exhaust fan, and bigger outside intake/makeup air to match. Home automation won’t increase your existing ventilation or cooling. Trying to dump active cooling into a kitchen is usually an expensive losing battle.

Depends on how much you’re willing to spend:

  1. Get a bigger exhaust fan
  2. Get an electronic chimney
  3. Put a window A/C
  4. Extend your HVAC to your kitchen

Then you can hook up all the automation to optimize it further