Bathroom exhaust fan with integral occupancy, humidity sensor and on board night light

I’ve seen lots of posts about switches, controls ,etc. for existing exhaust fans, but little about new exhaust fans that are smart home ready. I’ve found a couple of “dumb” home devices that have many of these controls, but none are smart, and one is $800! I’ve also found a few with blue tooth speakers as well, that are not what I need.

In my use case, the main driver is to have the low wattage night light come on and go off as needed at night by occupancy. Currently the room has an exhaust fan and a PL style downlight CFL that are both switched on and off together with a dumb electronic timer. The switch is outside and facing away from the toilet, so putting an occupancy sensor there would not work. I don’t want battery driven devices and the toilet area has no outlets. I was thinking that I could make this circuit hot all of the time, and replace the exhaust fan with one whose night light goes on with occupancy and I could use separate logic for controlling the fan. Alternatively, I could replace the existing can light with a dimmable LED and control it separately, but in either case, I’d need the fan to sense and immediately report occupancy. Energy Star rated would desirable as well. I could kludge parts of this, but having the occupancy sensor and fan together would be ideal. Does anyone know of any device like this?

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I never saw a response to this, nor found anything online, but finally made this work. DIY custom solution. Replaced the light with a zigbee dimmable one, which required entirely re-wiring the fixture. Also went into the existing fan and removed the unused ballast and added a relay for the fan and line to 5VDC power for the sensor. Put all this together and added logic. I then replaced the time controller with a scene controller so I can power on all the time and use ST to turn things on and off. I’ve not yet programmed the scene controller, but auto on/dimming for light works, and will test RH controls for the fan soon. Too bad there wasn’t a cleaner solution.