How to have porch lights only come on at night?

I got a few z-wave LEDs for the house on Prime Day. I replaced the front porch lights with a pair. I then modified my “when someone arrives” automation in Smartthings that unlocks the door when I get home. It not turns on the lights as well.
What I’d like to do is only turn the lights on at night. That doesn’t appear to be something the app supports. Is there a Smartapp I can add to help with this?

Can’t you do 2 routines. One where you open the light and unlock the door and the condition on the routine is only when its night.

The second routine only run during the day and only unlock the door.

If this is impossible. It’s possible to do what you want with WebCoRE I don’t know if you know what it is but it can give you multiple if statements on a trigger.

So If I understand, you want the light to come on if you unlock the door but only after sunset?
I know smart lighting in the classic app can do that. Not sure about the automations in the new app as I haven’t used them very much. Some one else will have to chime in on that. As Charles said Webcore can definitely do that.


Smart lighting in the new V3 app (smart lighting is the same in both apps) can do that.


I’m probably being dense, but what is “smart lighting” in the app?
To be clear, I want to light to come on when I arrive at night.

OK. I found the smart lighting automation. I can trigger it on arrival but how to I not trigger it during daytime?

I can’t remember the official description but it’s a built in smart app that allows you make automation rules. In some instances these rules can run locally. It’s located within the automations section. See the screenshot. You will be able to turn your light on the way you want using smart lighting.

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I found it. Thanks and the “more options” gives me the time control.

I’m all set


You can set time restrictions under more options at the bottom when setting up the rule.

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I use to do this Automation manually from the new App. When try to add this Smart Lighting app from new app, it is not shown. Had to add from classic app and then it shown in new app. However, any modification on this SmartApp still has to be done in classic app. The new App still a long way to go before it can be use alone.

You could try reinstalling the new app. It sounds like something might be amiss on your end. Smart Lighting has worked well in the V3 app for a long time now.