How to handle mortise locksets and multipoint door locks

Hello I have a teardown/remodel with walls open. The front entrance has a specialty door with sidelights and a high- end lockset from EMTEK that is mortised. The rest of the entrances ( patio, mudroom) are specialty Anderson doors with multipoint locksets. On my other homes I have used zwave deadbolts that have worked well. With this new home I am struggling to find an easy solution.

For the Emtek mortised lock front door I have read people using electronic door strikes. This gets complicated because the door frame is solid wood and a 2" rail that seperates the door from the sidelights. I don’t see an easy way to drill this out and insert cable to run to the door strike. Another option I have seen is magnetic door locks. I would prefer not to have a big metal back below all the moulding. What solutions are others using?

For the multipoint patio locks. I have only seen a yale smart living locksets out of europe. I dont know if these would work in the US. Has anyone seen solution for multipoint door locks in the USA?

Any help,suggestions or experiences would be greatly appreciated .

I don’t recall any multipoint zwave locks for the US market. And electronic strike might work, but gets tricky. Mag locks generally don’t work in patio doors because patio doors typically have metal frames.

As far as mortise locks for the US market I know queenlock used to make them, but I don’t know if they are still made. Baldwin had a model, but it looks like they’ve sold that division to crestron in 2015 and stopped making the mortise model. You can get replacement parts, but not a new Z wave module.

Sorry for any confusion with the earlier version of this post.

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Magnetic locks on residential applications can have serious security/safety concerns that come with them see these related posts from a similar thread

One of the surface mounted deadbolts may work for you like the august(questionable integration with ST), or danalock(poor reviews on gen 1 gen2 coming out soon) solutions, But if your multip point patio door needs another action like mine(lifting handle up to lock top and bottom points before turning the deadbolt) then it would only provide a closed status, and sometimes… if you remember to lock the other points lock your door.

Thanks for taking time to respond.

Yes the patio door multilocks require you to lift the handle so based on your response those wont work.

Also the front door entrance wont be able to use a zwave deadbolt because as I stated its an integrated mortise lockset. In addition it has a decorative brass plate thats raised on the inside of the door so you could mount something over it.

The only option I have would be to find an electric door strike that would work only on the front door.

It would be great if someone developed a small battery operated addon cover/enclosure that you could have turn the interior knob/tumbler lock. Similar to what they do with the whole house shutoff valves that just turn the handle of the shutoff valve vs a complete shutoff valve.

It would be ugly and limited but would work for people who have existing doors.

That’s exactly what both the August lock and the Danalock do, but they are intended to fit over standard deadbolt turnbolts and I believe would be too large for many mortise lock turn bolts, and don’t fit knobs at all. So a good retrofit solution for some doors, but I don’t think they fit your use case.

The Danalock zwave version is compatible with smartthings, although it doesn’t get as high ratings as the August does. But the August is not compatible with SmartThings. Again, though, it won’t fit a knob.

There are a lot of different automatic door opening solutions sold for use by people in wheelchairs. Some of these would work with an interior knob, but they are typically around $1500 and up and again, not compatible with smart things. So I don’t think that’s what you would be looking for but if you’re interested, let me know and I’ll Post some links.

There are some old discussions on DIY patio door locks that might also be of interest. They discuss one mortise electronic strike in some detail. It still has to be wired to something that’s controllable by smartthings, but they discuss that, too. Just don’t get too excited about the Padiolok device discussed in that thread–it didn’t meet its funding targets and doesn’t look like it will come to market for a long time, if at all.