How to get my Alexa to link up to WIFI Frigidaire AC

Hi, I’m desperate for help to get them linked tog… I’m a Quadriplegic and I really need this tech… The ONLY reason I bought it is because Amazon, Frigidaire and reviewers sad t worked! I have it on my phone and it works good enough for me although it’s basic. God I wish I could take it out and send it back but I can barely pick my nose. JK I’m stuck with it so I have to fig. it out. What I don’t get is why it works for some and not others. We need to learn what the ones that work did or have different than the ones like mine that don’t work. I’d like to file a class action type of lawsuite against Frigidaire because I had to pay to have it put in, I would have to pay to have it removed packed then shipped which would add up to at least 250.00. My 12000 btu was almost 500.00 and I had to charge that. The funds that I get Would be like a regular person buying a car

I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved: I am myself Quadriparetic and have the Frigidaire WiFi FFRC0833R1 hooked up to my echo and it works just fine for me. The process is a little different then you might be used to.

  1. check the model. First, you have to make sure that you have a Frigidaire unit that works with their own app. It sounds like you already have the app working, which is good, but I’m just going to include the step for completeness for anyone who finds this thread in the future. :sunglasses:

This is the model I have:

Search on the Frigidaire website sucks, so you just have to check your individual model to see if it works with their app.

I think it’s these ( I went to their website and ended up searching for “App” since nothing else worked)

Or you can check individual models

2) install the Frigidaire app and make sure it works. Again, I understand you already have that working on your phone, I just wanted to document the complete process for people in the future. As of this writing, it is available for both iOS and android.

3) authorize the Frigidaire skill for Alexa. Next, you have to install the Frigidaire skill on your Alexa. You May need help to do this one time set up because you will have to sign into your Frigidaire account while you are signed into Alexa.

You can start from this page on Amazon:

Or you can open the Alexa app, go to skills, and choose the Frigidaire skill:

Again, that’s just a one time process. You were just giving Amazon permission to talk to your Frigidaire air conditioner.

Once you have done that, anytime you want to turn it on or off you can just say “Alexa, turn on the air conditioner.”

4) if necessary, add a group to get the right name recognized

I had a problem with my echo thinking that I was saying “air-conditioning” when I was really saying “air-conditioner”–and then telling me that “there is no such device as air conditioning.” Which was pretty annoying. :rage:

So all I did was A one time step to create a group in the Alexa app called “air conditioning” and put my “air conditioner” device into that group and now no matter which one I say, or Alexa thinks I said, it works. (it’s fine if you have a group with just one device in it.) Again, you might need help to do that step, but it only has to be done once.

5) getting more help. Because the skill is created by Frigidaire itself, if you need any help you’ll probably have to talk to their support. But you can try talking to Amazon support first if you want, I have always found them very helpful.

For Amazon, you fill out a contact form, but you can have them call you back on the phone right away or use chat if that works for you:

With Frigidaire, their support page lets youonly communicate by email, and I have found that it can take a day or more before they get back to me.

They do have an 800 number also, but I don’t know if they do support there or just answer pre-sale questions.

Mon - Fri, 8am - 8pm (EST)
Sat, 9am - 6pm (EST)
1 (800) 374-4432 (EST)

I wish my Frigidaire air conditioner also had an IFTTT channel, but the Alexa integration works pretty well once you get it set up.

Good luck!


Um, what is it you’d claim in your class-action lawsuit?

I think the OP is suggesting false advertising, since he bought a particular model on the basis of Alexa integration, he hasn’t been able to get the integration to work yet, and the dollar cost of installing and testing the unit is so high that the temptation would be to keep it even though it doesn’t work with the advertised feature. This would allow the company to sell more units even without a working feature.

Fortunately, my experience based on my own unit and talking to other people has been that the only really weak part of the integration is the failure to correctly distinguish the phrase being said. The skill only accepts “air conditioner,” but for whatever reason, Alexa tends to misunderstand that particular phrase, even though it understands me for pretty much everything else and I have done the voice training. But I was able to solve that easily with an Alexa group.

One of my friends said that checking their own history found that Alexa thought they were saying “air-conditioner” with a hyphen, while the skill wanted “air conditioner” without a hyphen, and good luck trying to fix that with pronunciation! Again, though, they just fixed it by adding a group that matched with what Alexa history thought they were saying and everything worked fine After that.

You can view History under Settings in the Alexa app.

If you see that Alexa is consistently mishearing you , you can create a group using the spelling that Alexa thinks you were saying, and put your actual device into that group and that way your request should be processed the next time. :sunglasses: