Fridgidare Smart A/C

I’ve had my v2 hub for about a year an a half and and not a developer or anything, just a basic user. I have about 40 devices which consist of wall switches, door locks, motion sensors and the Rachio sprinkler system and my 3 Amazon Echos can control as well . When I say basic user, I mean I use the app, routines smart lighting, etc to set up and use everything and think I’ve only used the web browser log in once to create a virtual switch. My question is regarding air conditioning. I don’t have central air, or there would not even be a question as I would get a wifi Thermostat, but I do have Frigidaire A/C’s that are wifi. They connect through the router and use their app to to access them. They are also compatible with Alexa through a skill so I can just tell her to turn on, off, set a specific temp, and also “turn down the ac by 2 degrees”…Basic Alexa stuff. The Frigidaire app is horrible. Terrible in fact. Once it gets running, it does the job but is supper laggy when it does work and if you can log in. Is there anyway I can get a way for ST to control it myself or does that require a lot of programming that would have to come from the developers? As mentioned, I have the Rachio sprinkler system and that is compatible with ST, but the app is so good that I never really use ST to control it (besides, once it’s set up, little reason to touch it). Frigidaire is a case of an app so bad, that I would ditch it in a heartbeat… Any suggestions? Thanks.

I have the same air conditioner and the issue is Frigidaire. They don’t have an open API and there just isn’t any way to get into it. The fact that they don’t have an IFTTT channel is a good sign that they don’t want to do outside integration, since an IFTTT service is usually the first step. And I agree their own app is horrible. The Alexa integration is their first third-party integration, and it’s decent, which is enough for me for now.

If you have an android phone, you may be able to do something with Tasker and sharptools, I don’t know for sure. @joshua_lyon might be able to say more. If that works, then getting an inexpensive no contract wifi iPhone ( Walmart usually has one under $25) might be the cheapest way to add integration.

But if Tasker doesn’t work, you have to go to a push microbot and that’s going to be very expensive for 3 units. At that point if it was me and I had to have automated control beyond Alexa and the Frigidaire app I would probably look at getting a different air-conditioner. :disappointed_relieved:

If you can control it on your phone, you can do it via tasker, but be a pain to program but feasible
Guess its time for you to learn how to tasker haha

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While it’s true that if you can control it on your phone, you can control it with Tasker… if the source app is buggy/laggy, then automating a buggy/laggy app can lead to a buggy/laggy automation. :slight_smile:

Ideally, Frigidaire and SmartThings would develop an official release, but the next-best option would be to look if anyone in the community has reverse engineered the system and developed their own implementation.

i have an issue where perhaps that could "work"
I have an ac that is a bit of a bitch when it comes to on/off, so what i did is that i installed a contact door sensor on the vents of the ac.
And basically i would create a rule in core where it would spam the on command until the contact sensor changes.

Guess you could perhaps achieve somthing similar?
like retrying the whole tasker rule over and over until it opens? :slight_smile:
Yes its not elegant, there might be delays but its better than nothing

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FYI - someone just released a working HomeBridge plugin for this so it is totally possible now: