How do you see the catchall value now?

In the past, if I wanted to add a new Xiaomi device after adding the device handler, I would go into the location events within the IDE to get it. However, when viewing events there’s a message saying the full history of events can be seen in the new SmartThings app. There are some events but not the catchall or other ones I’d be interested in. So, how would I be finding this value now or is this now shutoff from the community?

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I find the message a little odd. One thing the live logs page isn’t is an event history.

I wasn’t aware the catchall wasn’t being displayed as all my logging looks fine. I’m not sure that there is anywhere else to look but then I’ve never needed to use the catchall to install ‘Xiaomi’ devices.

Oh hang on you were talking about the location events page. Sorry, got confused there.

I always use Hubs -> Events and hit f5 (Windows) to refresh

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Thank guys. Just realised what I needed was in Hubs -> List events.

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