How to find/download exisiting DTH for Samsung fridge?

I’d like to try installing the existing DTH of my smart fridge into Hubitat, but don’t know how to access the existing DTH (which, apparently, is a placeholder, because the fridge talks to the ST hub through wifi.) How would I find it?

Unfortunately, that won’t work. When you see “placeholder“ as the DTH, that means it is a cloud to cloud integration, not using the regular DTH construct that hub connected devices do. There’s not an individual DTH for the device, but rather a communication from that device’s controlling software ( which may be on the device itself or elsewhere) to the smartthings API.

If the device itself has an open API, you can write your own integration to substitute. But I don’t believe there is a separate one for the smartthings appliances. So you would still access it through the smartthings cloud, although of course you don’t need a SmartThings Hub.

Bummer…guess I’ll have to use HE’s Hubconnect. Thanks for the advice.

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You may encounter two issues…

  1. you will still need a DTH with Hubconnect
  2. once groovy/IDE goes away so will hubconnect

You can dig around a bit for the API, actually the Samsung AC has a OCF compatible API, the fridges might have it as well.

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This issue has not yet been solved and so far everyone who has put up a post with similar wording to yours has been a spammer trying to get enough posting credits to be able to add links.

I’m not saying you are a spammer, but if you are, be aware that a post of this kind will not help you in any way, it’s just a waste of your time, as well as being confusing to other community members since it references a solution that does not exist. :thinking:


Well said @JDRoberts, these spammers makes me nuts. Last week I found two which were replying to each other. Why someone has to ruin other peoples passion with this sort of acts, just to deceive others. :face_vomiting:


@JDRoberts , you scared me for a moment. I thought you were accusing me of spamming. :blush:

I managed to connect the fridge to my Hubitat using Hubconnect…but yeah, that’s gonna suck when ST gets rid of groovy. :frowning:

Is there any other method of sharing devices between ST and HE? Even if it’s just a virtual switch? Or will we have to wait and see what happens when ST finishes its revamping?

Perhaps I should look into replacing the existing switches in the Fridge with new switches…though my wife will kill me if I kill the new fridge, lol

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There’s also an IFTTT service, but I believe it’s pretty limited for the refrigerator.

And, yes, there’s a lot of details we are still waiting for. :thinking:

Damn, how right you were again. It was another spammer. And didn’t even learn from your notice…

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