Dismiss STHM alarm by button?

So I have gotten a couple of sirens. When the STHM (new) alarm is armed, and the door is opened, this will happen:

Light in entrance room turns red
All lights at full brightness
30 seconds delay: Sirens starting

I have a button hidden in a place nobody will look, and that butten can disarm the alarm. But how do i get it to also dismiss the alarm that was just triggered? Do I need to have my phone available to dismiss it if I walk in without first disarm it?

Yes you do. At least we did in the classic app and the new app looks the same, except for the siren delay.

You are correct, you can silence the siren with a button, but you have to dismiss the STHM notification manually.

I believe this forces you to know what triggered the alarm before dismissing it. I have the same setup. I would hate to dismiss what I thought was a false intruder alarm, only to find out later it really was due to a water leak.

How come Samsung is so obsecsed by deciding what people should and should not do?

Some months ago, it wasn’t even possible to arm/disarm the STHM by buttons. Appearantly because of security. That they ended changing. Maybe it’s hope for this to change as well.

I mean, if people would like to dismiss alarms by buttons, motion sensors or wahatever, it should be our choice.

I got so tired of this after couple years, finally just did the same simple logic in WebCoRE. I still use the SHM actually, I just don’t have any sensors assigned to trigger it. That way I can keep using ActionTiles SHM tile. The sensors are checked in webCoRE however…
If SHMaway AND (door open OR motion)
turn on alarm switch
send SMS, record cameras, etc
Else if SHMhome AND (door open)
turn on alarm switch
send SMS, record cameras, etc

To “turn off my alarm” now, just a switch.