How to develop personal Android APP with SmartThings? (in Android Studio)


Is there anyone, who know how to develop or make personal Android APP with SmartThings?

As we know, development SmartThings is based on Groovy language.

Then, if I setup Gradle for groovy language,
is it possible to develop SmartThings in Android Studio? or is there any other procedure is needed?

Is there anyone who know “how to setup development environment for personal Android APP with SmartThings”,
please give me your comment.

Thank you, and have a good day.

There is no API to SmartThings except for SmartApps (and Device Type Handlers).

Build a Web Services SmartApp endpoint gives you a REST-API to the events and commands that the user authorizes to the SmartApp.

For an example, install SharpTools.

For documentation see:

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Think he might be referring to using Android Studio as an offline IDE for groovy / smartthings development?

If so, it might be doable, but probably not ideal.