SmartApp with Rest api for android? How to get started as a developer?


We want to create a product based on android which can control smartThings devices. I went through the developer guides and documents and I’m not clear how to link the smart app with the devices.

  1. How to link the smartThings physical devices with the smart app with REST api’s? Is it a must to create a device handler ? once the device handler is created how to use it in the smart app.
  2. Our android based product will not have a display. How can I install the smartapp without the smartThings app in my device.
  3. Whether the SmartThings app is compulsory to control the smartThings devices or can I use a third party application or alexa based android app which using REST api’s ?

will be looking forward for solutions for my queries.


Things are very confusing right now because SmartThings is in the process of moving to an entirely new developer platform which does not use the groovy language, but the new platform is not finished yet.

The new developer documentation is at the following link.

Questions like yours should probably be asked at the new partner site, not in this forum:

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