HELP! Virtual Switches Not Showing In New App

I just said delete the virtual device creator app. It didn’t delete, and all my classic automations work, but it is missing from the new app and the new automations don’t work. The new alexa skill works. Help.

Please tell me their is an easy fix, or I am jumping ship to Hubitat.

On purpose?

As far as I am aware, the Virtual Device Creator app creates virtual switches as child devices and deletes them when it is uninstalled.

I did not know that, but the switches still work in the classic app and I can still open the app with all of the switches shown in the list

i’m confused as to what is missing. The virtual device creator app, the virtual switches themselves or both?

Nothing is missing in alexa or the old app. Only the switches are missing in the new app.

Did the switches previously show up in the new app and now they don’t? Have you opened a support request for the issue?

@Brad_ST Yes, even though they work in the classic app and all groovy and api integrations…
I did not contact support

You are 100% certain the virtual devices were previously displayed in the new app? Regardless, do you see all of the devices in the new app now?

@Brad_ST Yup, all the devices popped back up now. Yay!

All the new app automations either lost their devices or just deleted themselves

Are you saying that’s currently true or previously was true? Based on the logs, it doesn’t look like your virtual devices were ever properly synced with the new app.

That is currently true. All this was working until I deleted the smartapp but it didn’t delete correctly, so the devices stayed in the classic app but left the new app.

@Brad_ST now all my devices just disappeared from alexa! It was working a few minutes ago!

Do you have a support ticket open? It is hard to track the status of what you are reporting.

@Brad_ST what is a ticket?

Customer support. The community is a great resource but some issues require additional debugging tools and tickets also allow for trending issues to be tracked.

There are many ways to contact customer support. You can do it in app via the “Contact us” menu. If you’re in the US, you can email

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They showed back up but now I have to re setup all the automations.

FYI @Brad_ST I had the same issue. I had one virtual switch that was listed in the classic app but did not show in the new app. After doing a inventory of simulated switches I also found I had one switch shown in the New app that was not in the classic.

I then realized it was a switch that I had renamed in the classic app. It was still showing under its old name in the new app, but showing the new name in the classic app. The old switch name listed in the new app did not show up in the IDE however, only the name in the classic app.

I wasn’t 100% sure that was the case because turning either one on or off did not change the other.
It wasn’t until after I created a new switch and moved my automation to the new switch and then deleted the old virtual switch in the IDE that I was sure.

When I deleted the switch name that was shown in the classic app from the IDE the banner after it was complete said that it had deleted the old switch name that was shown in the new app. I hope that isclear.

I got mine sorted out but I thought I would mention it as something to look out for.

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