How to debug a Zigbee HA 1.2 IAS compliant PIR sensor?

I have a Zigbee PIR sensor which the manufacturer says is Zigbee HA 1.2 IAS compliant. Trying to add the device through the mobile app fails (it does not recognize a device is trying to join).

What is the best way to debug this?

First, is the device on this list?
If not, have you searched the forums to verify there is a member created device type for the device you are trying to add?
If it is not on the list and no one has created a device type for it, it might not be compatible… yet.

Well, we need to know the join clusters. Have you used the IDE yet? hit the logging tab and try the join process again. See if anything shows up the the logs regarding a JOIN and a bunch of hex code.

If you see that, we can help. That means it paired but can’t find a devicetype. If it doesn’t show a JOIN, then it didn’t pair and we really can’t do much with that.

You might need to find a reset / pair function, typically a button press or put battery in while pressing a button, etc. It needs to be in pairing mode for ST to find it.

Thanks Patrick. Unfortunately, it does not show anything in the live log. Actually, it does not show any activity when trying to add the sensor (the hub log, not the live log, shows it started the z-wave include process).

It actually would give a certain level of comfort if the log would show it tried to pair to a device, but failed for a specified reason.

It does pair with the manufacturer’s gateway, so I know the sensor works. The only explanation the manufacturer has offered is that it uses encryption at both the application security sublayer as well as the network layer and that some gateways may not support this.

Any other thoughts would be appreciated.

It sounds like it is probably joined to another network.

Did you do a factory reset on the device before trying to join SmartThings?

Yes, I did.

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Actually. Check your ZigBee firmware version and contact support to upgrade it to latest. Might just work.