How to create/work w/DTH on SmartThings Wifi Hub and the new ST App

My old ST hub died and I have to move everything that was connected to the old ST hub to the new SmartThings Wifi Hub.

I have a bunch of older sensors, such as the Monoprice PIR motion sensor, etc. I remember having to add a new DTH using the old ST app but I don’t see that functionality in the new app (or maybe I am just not doing a good job of looking around.)

Thanks in advance!

First - Newapp and Classic use basically the same synchronized back-ends (a little more technical but good enough for government work) So the short version - for now at least is you still go to and login with your Samsung ID to get to the IDE and install your custom DTHs. If you’re installing your new hub into your old location all your custom code should still be there - but save yourself a headache and go through every DTH you have and republish and save before starting the device discovery. (Again long technical description, you’re working around a known issue)

If you’re trying to install a generic Zwave or Zigbee device, you can install the custom DTH then use the “+” sign > Device > Scan Nearby and it should find it just like it used to in Classic. (Intuitive as hell isn’t it - yeah I know…I had to have ST support show me that one.)