How to create groups?

Just go my ST today and started playing around with the iOS app. How do I create a group of sensors? For example, if I want to see all the sensors for the living room how do I create that view?

Jason Thrasher

I think you just drag the thing tiles on top of one another. I did that for my to presence fobs that are our cars.

Ah, you’re right @brianlees. I guess I was dragging the item too far which was changing the order instead of creating the group. Thank you.


Oh! I didn’t even know about that! Can someone point me to the documentation on this? I think I must be missing out on the full ST experience…

The only “documentation” I recall seeing on this is when you first go to the Things page after installing the app. It had two or three help screens, one of which showed grouping Things.

I’ve created groups for all my things, to help keep them organized, which is very helpful. But now i’m having a problem that the order of the groups on the Things page keeps changing. This makes it hard to easily go in and control something when I need manual control. Since I then have to search through all the groups, instead of being able to keep the most common ones all together at the top of the Things page.

Has anyone else encountered this? is it related to the names? or creation dates? I can’t seem to find a pattern to why it re-arranges.