How to control Schlage locks in new ST app?

Sort of new to ST and the new app (I never had the “old” app which is called Classic now). Through some searching on the forum, it appears there was an add-on to the Classic app called “Smart Locks” that could do things like manage user codes in your locks. I just recently got a Schlage touchscreen deadbolt and added it to the devices for my ST hub.

It doesn’t appear to me that this functionality is built into the new app. I’ve set up for ST to notify me when someone unlocks the lock. And I can unlock and lock the Schlage through the app. But I don’t see that level of detailed control of the lock, like user codes that time out, or user codes that can only be used once, or whatever.


Do you mean to connect to it using the new app? How are you trying to control the lock from the new app?
The instructions for connecting are here:

for some reason they haven’t added the smart locks smart app to the new app yet. not really sure why they haven’t since i believe it uses the new api. Right now the Classic app is your only choice. you can use both side by side.

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You can safely use the Classic app for now (using your same Samsung credentials) and it’ll open up many new features and custom lock controls which aren’t there as yet in the new ST app.

Smart Locks on the Classic app is a nice app for basic user management, add and delete (if you forget your code you’ll have to delete and recreate a user).

If you’re looking for more advanced controls (like taking actions when a user uses a code or how they used the code, from inside/outside/remotely etc) or custom user types (expiration, one time, scheduled, presence etc), you will need custom apps like this one (if you have access to RBoy Apps):

This app also works with the new ST app and shows up under the Automation tab (once installed through the Classic) so you can control/manage your users from there.


You can safely use the Classic app for now (using your same Samsung credentials) and it’ll open up many new features and custom lock controls which aren’t there as yet in the new ST app.

Thanks for the reply. I didn’t realize I could use the Classic app. I’ll give it a try and see what extra control I get. I don’t understand why they haven’t added this kind of detail functionality into the new app, if the old app already had it.

This app also works with the new ST app and shows up under the Automation tab (once installed through the Classic) so you can control/manage your users from there.

So, RBoy Apps runs inside the ST app? I definitely don’t want to have multiple separate apps to control my stuff. But, if it shows up inside, that sounds cool. If it’s inside Automations, how do you add lock user codes, or setup a user that expires, etc?

His apps show up under the automations tab in the new app

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All the apps run in the ST Cloud. The new ST app and the Classic app are just different ways to access the installed devices and installed SmartApps (think of them as two different dashboards). However the new app doesn’t allow you to install custom apps as yet. So once you install the custom apps using the ST Classic app (you can find step by step installation instructions on our website), as @Automated_House said you will find them show up under the Automations tab in the new app. From there you can open it and manage the users. In fact you can use both the Classic app and the new ST app at the same time (remember it’s the same installed apps on the platform, just different dashboards to interact with them).


Sorry guys, I tried, but probably don’t understand something. I got the SmartThings hub a few days ago and connected a bunch of devices I used to have on my Wink hub, including the Schlage lock. When the lock was configured through Wink, I had a complete control over the lock codes, users, etc. But with the new ST app I only get the lock/unlock functionality, just like @Jpdeuce said in the original message. I then installed the ST classic app, but it did not provide any additional functionality. I tried to follow the steps described above, but when I click on any of the SmartApps, it brings a pop-up with some kind of username/password. Is SmartThings supporting Schlage locks or not? Thanks

you followed these instructions in the SmartThings app?

The issue you’re describing isn’t about which locks are supported but rather what functionality it is you’re looking for. When Locks are paired with SmartThings they use a device handler to communicate with the lock and a device handler provides the capability for SmartThings to communicate with the locks. The basic SmartThings lock device handler only provides the capability to lock, unlock and allow SmartApps to program the lock remotely. The interface you’re seeing on the screen is the device handler interface which is why you’re only seeing lock and unlock options. If you’re using a custom device handler it allows for an expanded access to lock features like auto lock, privacy modes etc.

The key above is that the device handler provides the capability for SmartApps to program codes which is why you don’t see an interface to add user codes. So the next step for you is to install a lock user management SmartApp which allows you to program codes remotely (and do stuff with the user codes).

SmartThings has with a basic user programming app called SmartLocks that gives you the ability to program “permanent” user codes, i.e. program and it’ll stay until until your delete it. You can install this app from within the SmartThings mobile app by following the instructions in this link.

If you’re looking for a more complete user and lock management app which allows for flexible users like permanent, one time, expire on, scheduled, automatic presence and for creating custom actions when user codes are used, custom notifications etc then you need a custom app like Lock User Management (LUM) and you can find the instructions to install custom apps here (if you have access to RBoy Apps).

Hope that helps clear up the confusion about why you don’t see the lock programming features when a lock is paired with SmartThings and how to install the appropriate app of your choice to manage users.

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Thanks RBoy, yes this helps. The main part of the confusion is that the new SmartThings mobile app does not provide for a way to connect SmartApps - we have to install the Classic app along side with the new app. Then of course I found the basic free app for guest codes - install it in Classic and then it shows in the new app. Not only it is inconvenient to work with two apps that do the same thing, I get the same notifications twice from both apps, which doubles the noise. Is there a way to connect SmartApps via IDE or something, it is best to uninstall the new app and stay with Classic?

Haha highly opinionated topic, I personally prefer the Classic app because the new cannot install custom SmartApps at this time. You can install the basic lock user management SmartApp from the new ST app under Add Automations. Once you install a SmartApp from the Classic app you’ll find it in the Automations page in the new ST app.

Yes notifications are duplicate, so you’ll have to turn off notifications for one of the two apps in your mobile phone settings or uninstall one of the two apps

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3 years later this appears to still be an issue.

android user, Caribbean based, controlled Schlage smart lock through Schlage smart app previously which is not supported and schalge advise to use smartthings smartapps, but no options on either of my devices.

installed old/classic app which just redirects to install or launch new smarttings app.

is there an apk for an older version of smartthings that incluse smartlocks or allows the smartlock smartapp to be installed?

I have this same issue. I had the classic app & my Schlage Century lock worked flawlessly. I used the smart lock manager to add codes, delete them, set up schedules, manitor - everything. Now when I add the lock it appears, but there is absoolutely no control. The lock is in the app, but won’t appear in the lock manager. I can’t do anyting at all so having it show up is useless. I spend over an hour on the phone with support & they had me try all kinds of things. They finally gave up & had no solution. So frustrating. The Classic app worked 1000X better than the new app. Just annoying that I can’t do anyting & they have no solution at all. Any ideas?

Start with checking the device handler that you lock is using. If you’re using an old custom device handler not specifically designed for the new app try deleting it and switching to the stock “Z-Wave Lock” device handler for your lock or use an updated custom device handler.

Then take a look at this post: