How to change Thing view sensor display

Am I missing something? In “Thing” view how do I get my Aeotech Multi Sensors to show Temperature instead of Motion? It seems to have defaulted to Motion when the device was added to my v2 hub, but it can’t be change to any of the other sensors.

@studio2f, if you still have a device (phone or tablet) on the old version of the app (v1.7.6), you can still make changes like that. The current version of the app hasn’t enabled that basic feature yet…

you can’t change that in the v2 app, if you still have access to the v1 app, you can still change it there.

You can not right now. I put in a support ticket a few weeks back for the same thing. They are working on the problem :smile:

…unless you have a device (phone or tablet) on v1.7.6 of the app…

If you don’t have the old (pre-2.0x) app available, the other way to do this is within the IDE.

  1. goto My Device Types and select an existing one (doesn’t matter if
    it’s for an entirely different device type); if you don’t have an
    existing one, create a bogus device type as a “placeholder”
  2. click the Device Type Templates link in the upper-right
  3. select the appropriate template from the drop-down (in your case, Aeon Multisensor, Aeon Multisensor 6, or Aeon Multisensor Gen5)
  4. click Overwrite
  5. scroll down to main() within the metadata section and make Temperature the first entry (note that tiles appear in the order entered)
  6. click Save, then Publish(for me)

Now go to My Devices, select your device, click Edit, and then select your newly saved device type from the “Type *” drop-down (it will be near the bottom of the scrolling list). Click Update and you’re done!

// The above instructions assume that you are not already using a custom device handler (type). If you are, then simply do steps 5 and 6. Boom, DONE!