View temp not motion

How can I change the view from motion to temp on the device with the new app? You were able to open the app setting in the icon and just select your choice in the old app but this does not seem to work anymore.


Surprise, surprise…You can only do it with latest gen of sensors, from what I’ve heard. For all others you need to do it in IDE

I’ve got 3 of the new motion sensors (the super tiny ones), and I still can’t change what the primary tile is.

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That is not cool. Not at all.

Are you 100% sure? This doesn’t make sense to me, as it’s a software function. I think this is one of the regressions that V2 brought, and it will come back. It had better, otherwise it makes sense to buy multi-function devices.

@ero4444, @SBDOBRESCU, @Paulo, @bridaus There’s no way to do this in app 2.0 right now. Support told me that function has not been deployed yet. But:

I know for a fact if you have any devices left on v1.7.x of the app you can change the default tile view. I still have my tablet on the older version, and I’ve changed all my humidity sensors to show humidity instead temp, and I just changed a motion sensor from motion to temp in the old app and it changed in app 2.0 as well.

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Good point, I didn’t update my tablet app!

Was talking to support on chat, and the guy said that if I have new sensors I can change settings from the app, but for older sensors I need to go to IDE. I don’t have any new sensors, so I didn’t ask more questions about them.

While I’ve used the chat feature before, I’ve not found them very helpful, as in the case being described here. I had a case to use chat once, and I actually helped them with my problem…

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Been there, done that!

I tried installing an old APK and apparently it does not allow the changes anymore and causes the app to crash. Has anyone posted instructions on how to change this in the IDE?

Well this is flat out not true.
I just got 5 of the new sensors (I have 6 of them in total)
They are using the same device file as the older ST motions that I re-paired to my V2 hub several weeks ago, none of them support tile view changes currently.

I don’t see any way to do this in the IDE. ???

By changing device type…

To what? What if you want all of the same multi-functions, but just want to change which is displayed?

@bravenel, @SBDOBRESCU changing device type does nothing to influence what tiles are set to display as default. The ONLY WAY is to create your own device type and modify the TILES section,specifically:

	main "humidity"
	details(["humidity", "temperature", "battery", "refresh"])

In the example above, ST’s device type had temperature as “main” and I changed it to humidity. I stopped using my own device types once I found out the old version of the app still had the capability to change the default tile to be displayed.


You know what, you are right. I didn’t even try to do it. I was just repeating what the support have said. Good point!

@Paulo, rest assured it does still work and it allows changing. I’ve personally done that on dozens of devices I have.

What kind of sensor is that?

Try clearing out cache, all data, and force stopping the app, as well as logging out.

The best way to do what you want right now as V2 app does not support tile changes is to create virtual temperature tiles and then use a smartapp to mirror the real temperature device.

@johnconstantelo, just tried it again. Force stopped app > cleared cache > cleared data > uninstalled app. Installed old app from a backup APK. Still no luck. Half the icons are blank and when I click on the setting area in the upper right corner the app eventually crashes. It is a PEQ Motion sensor. I have a few of these installed and only the one that was installed after the update defaulted to motion. I hope that this will eventually get addressed by the developers as it is a bit of a pain.