Creating routines between lightnings (different brands) based on color change

Recently I bought a led strip from Govee which is also compatible with Matter. I want to let the led strip communicate with my Phillips Hue lamps in the rest of my living room through Smart Things.

So actually what I want to create, is when I put on a scene in my Phillips Hue app, and some Hue lamp lighting is turning on purple, this led strip from Govee is also turning into purple.

With routines from the Smart things app, it should be possible to create this. Unfortunately it is not working… and I think I figured out why.

In the Smart Things app, you can check the history of a lamp. When I check this for my Phillips Hue lamps, it standard shows three things: “tint”, “intensity” and “dimmer”.

However, when I want to create a routine in the Smart Things app, It needs to have an input in the form of “color-temperature” instead of “tint”. So the output of my Phillips Hue lamp is not corresponding to the input for the routine. And therefore I believe the led strip from Govee is not responding to the color change of my Hue lamp, because the routine can not be followed.

Anyone having the same troubles with this, or now how to fix this?

Good to notice, I have also created a routine for the “dimmer”-function between my Hue lamp and Govee led strip, and this is working!

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You are right, my Matter lights change hue and saturation in history but you can’t create routines in the app for hue and saturation, only for dimmer or temperature.

I guess you’d be able to create them in the Rules API, but that’s quite verbose using JSON and not user-friendly given the lack of a user interface.

Thanks for the quick reply, and confirmation.

I’m just a beginner with this, so sorry for not understanding what you are suggesting :rofl:

I think it is worth it to give feedback on this to the Smart Things app, I hope it is something they will consider when giving it an update or so. So that what I’m going to do. Thanks!