How to automate an outdoor pump?

I have a sump pump outside that I need to run for 10 seconds, then shut off for 30 seconds and then repeat this cycle till I say stop. Can I use a GE zwave/zig bee outdoor outlet and SmartThings to automate this? How would anyone suggest doing this?

I don’t think you can get something that reacts that fast with smartthings. Only way I can think of doing what you want, reliably, would be with some type of interval relay like where once its powered you can have it do intervals until you cut power.

(That linked one is a example, you’d have to do more research to find one that does exactly what you want, but I’m pretty sure that one will do it).


There are a lot of considerations to take into account for a project like this, the community has covered most of them, like ensuring the switch can handle the load, and timing limitations of the SmartThings platform.

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