How to associate 2 devices with Z-Wave Tweaker?

ASSOCIATION GROUPS: - Association groups enable the dimmer to control other Z-Wave devices directly, without participation of the main controller. Enter a comma-delimited list of destinations (node IDs and/or endpoint IDs) for each association group. All IDs must be in hexadecimal format. E.g.: Node destinations: ‘11, 0F’ Endpoint destinations: ‘1C:1, 1C:2’

I want once for all to understand how to associate 2 devices in SmartThings (with Z-Wave Tweaker DH).

For example, we have:

  • a Device source: Fibaro Flood Sensor with (Device Network) ID: 86
  • a Device destination: a motor valve ID: 19

The list requested to fill for association by Z-Wave Tweaker Device Handler is:

  1. Association Group Command Class - |enum|
  2. Association Group Id - |number|| we know only this, for example group 3
  3. Association Group Members - |text|| and this, for example device with ID 8C
  4. Association Groups Scan Range Start - |number||
  5. Association Groups Scan Range Stop - |number||
  6. Endpoints Scan Range Start |number||
  7. Endpoints Scan Range Stop |number|

How do I associate those 2 devices, the Device Source to command the Device Destination, if we have to fill the list from bellow and we know only two things, the device ID and the associated groups supported by devices.

Thank you.

You will get the fastest and most accurate response if you ask your question in the author thread for the tweaker. There are many people there using it who will be able to help you.

[BETA] Z-Wave Tweaker

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BTW, I’d be very surprised if you wanted to put a motor valve into Association group 3 for the fibaro leak sensor. I would expect you to want to put it in group 2. Does the valve really know what to do if it just receives a notification?

What’s the brand and model of the motor valve?

I can shed a little light.

  1. ??? I think this specifies what version of the Association Command class your device uses.
    2 ) Yup, but I think you want group 2 instead.
  2. Yup, you can list as many as 5 devices for your flood sensor to control.
    4), 5) These are used by tweaker when searching your device for available association groups. Only used to report back to you what has been set up in the device. It saves time as there is no need to search 99 groups if you know your device only has 5.
    6), 7) Similar to above. I’m unsure of what endpoints are but I think they are for plural devices. Like a power strip where you could control each of the six outlets.

Fill in 2 and 3. Then I think you have to hit the configure button on the main screen of the tweaker DH.

If that does not work look up the thread JD mentioned.

Good Luck


Endpoints are indeed for composite devices, like this one:


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