Leviton DZ1KD Association

Has anyone had any luck with Leviton direct association? In looking in the manual here It looks like single channel association must be on group number 1 but they support up to 5 noes.

I have a Load switch with network ID 11 and a dummy accessory switch with network ID 12 I am trying to create a three way association but can’t get it to work. I have tried both the minimote to setup the association as well as using A-Wave tweaker to manually configure the association all with no luck.

Currently the load switch has Associated Group members of 01, 12 (hub and accessory switch)
and the Load has Associated Group members of 01, 11(hub and load switch), picture is attached. The switches are controllable from the hub but they are not directly controlling each other. I will also note that the switches are about 8’ apart for testing.

Any thoughts?

I would suggest two things. (I don’t know your device or the nature of the device handler my help is limited)

  1. Look up Z-wave Tweaker on the community install it and use that to check your associations. The parameters shown are just that parameters. They don’t become actual associations until associationSet commands are sent to the devices. Zwave tweaker will produce reports to the log of what is actually associated. It need only be a temporary association.

  2. Watch your log as you activate your device button/switch. If the hub is in the same association group you should see the command received by the hub in the log. It should be the same command sent to the other associated devices. It needs to be a command the device can properly use. For instance a dimmer is typically turned on by basicSet with a value between 0 and 100. Where as a switch will use 0 and 255 for on and off.

It looks like you will get a Notification command 0x71. I doubt your other switches will be activated by that.

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I’m too tired to go into the details this morning, so I will leave that to others, but association changed big time with zwave plus.

Now almost all zwave plus devices just use Association group one as a “lifeline” group, primarily to notify the hub of events. This is no longer used to control other end devices because it’s just sending a notification frame, not a basic command.

Then devices that want to support direct association can use the other Association groups.

The Fibaro motion sensor is a good example of how this works for zwave plus devices


This means a couple of things.

First, it’s likely that you will not be able to use the minimote to create associations between zwave plus end devices anymore. That’s because it doesn’t let you specify the Association group. ( you can still use the minimote to create associations for older Z wave generations.)

Second, it’s no longer enough to know whether a zwave plus device “supports association.” They all support a lifeline group association. Now you have to find out whether it supports more than one Association group, and if so, to what purpose.

In the case of this particular device, it only supports a lifeline group. My guess is that it will not be able To send basic commands to other end devices. So if you’re trying to set up a virtual three-way, you will have to go through the SmartThings hub rather than direct to the other device.

Leviton’s own auxiliary switch, the DD00R, doesn’t have a radio at all – – it uses physical traveler wires to communicate to its master.

The association groups look fine when reporting from ZwaveTweaker

0:29:19 AM: info Association groups [1]:
Association Group #1: [id:1, maxNodesSupported:5, name:Lifeline, nodes:[01, 12]]

See my edit above. It is likely sending a Notification command to group 1

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That’s just the lifeline Association, it’s not a “turn on now” association. The first device is telling the second device that device one turned on. It’s not telling device two to turn on, which is how association used to work with the older Z wave generations.

I think you may have to use smartLighting or webCore and have the hub activate the other switch.

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