How to access to 'c2c-camera-3' device?

Hello @nayelyz
Thank you and Kamil for providing help to make my project published.
I have some problems after I read the attached requested information about Video Camera , Video Capture and Video Stream carefully which kamil send to me.
But after Linkind published , kamil maybe couldn’t get email from me.

  • What does settings and statusMessage in Video Camera attributes mean?
  • What data show I set in settings in Video Camera attributes , clip in Video Capture attributes?
  • The most important is that show I set the video stream to stream in Video Capture attributes and stream in Video Stream? It will consume a lot of computer resources, could I set a URL to streamboth in Video Capture and Video Stream attributes ?

It is better to provide an example about ‘c2c-camera-3’ device details in attributes and commands ST need.
Thanks a lot.

Hi, Willka! It’s good to hear from you again.
Please, allow me some time to check some details internally. I’ll come back once I have more information.

Thanks for your reply.
Are there any information you get for the ‘c2c-camera-3’ device?

Hello, again. Sorry for the late response, could you give more info about your integration, please?

  • Which protocol will you use, RTSP or WebRTC?
  • Which capabilities do you want to include? Eg. video streaming, motion sensor, etc.

This is to see if you can use a profile other than c2c-camera-3

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I use RTSP protocol and I hope the camera could have Video Stream , Switch , Video Camera , Motion Sensor, Signal Strength capabilities.
In a word, I need all the capabilities in c2c-camera-3 exclude Video Capture.
Of course the most important is Video Stream.

Do you mean I could customize my own device type with profile I provide?

No, apologies for the confusion. The video plugin is not supported in custom device profiles yet.

I’m also interested in this answer, similar use case - how do I access the capabilities above using that VID or a custom VID

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