How samsung’s smartthings is thinking about matter and the future of the smart home

Very interesting! Thanks for sharing it. Definitely a lot to think about. :thinking:

The TVs not being a Matter certified device is kind of surprising. V1 of the matter spec includes playback controls. Unless Samsung is trying to trap you into the SmartThings app, but they would never do that right?! :wink:

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LOL someone had already created a thread on this topic :slight_smile:

Gotta say, I really don’t give a crvp how Samsung says it’s thinking about anything anymore. They can’t ever get it right with what they already have, nor have they fulfilled any promises of future functionality that I can remember - virtually making anything they claim about the future vaporware. Samsung is a sales company, and will deploy ‘Matter’ as a marketing gimmick while not supporting it in any meaningful way.


I think you’re right about that to a large extent, but I do think they are going to support matter because it’s going to be the easiest way for them to keep customers of their expensive smart televisions and appliances happy because there will suddenly be a whole bunch of inexpensive Wi-Fi devices that can work with the smartthings app. But I think it likely that it will only be a one-way integration, where they can bring matter compliant devices into the smart things app, but not use smartthings to bring devices into other matter compliant apps like HomeKit’s Home.

So a case of half a loaf is better than none, I guess. :thinking:

Hahaha! This doesnt even work with my Samsung oven! Pffffffft