Some more news regarding Smartthings and Matter


No clear commitment to the front end and its hopefully on going development and now even more needed improvements

My favourite is the early adopters part.

And actually Matter fits really well, especially that it has no support to cameras.

So, is Z-wave on the Matter bus or not?

Probably not at this stage. Could be added further down the line, now that it has become an open protocol

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Not on its own.

No announcements yet as to whether the multi protocol hubs, including the Aeotec “Works as a SmartThings hub”, will expose their connected zwave devices to Matter or not.

Samsung has said SmartThings will support Matter, but no details beyond that, so that might just mean that matter compatible devices could be brought into smartthings, but not the other way around. We’ll just have to wait and see. :thinking:

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How long will it be before it goes pare shaped and gets renamed… splatter!!

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