How much memory does the Station have?

Jd, Any idea on the memory and cpu compared to the V3? I want to make this my Zigbee hub, use the Hub replace feature and reset my Zigbee V3 and keep it as a spare. I can’t seem to find the specs anywhere! Do you think this would be a good idea or?

Found a few reviews that are saying 1.7GHZ Quad core 512MB of Ram and 4GB eMMC flash but I’m skeptical of this. I chatted with Samsung pre sales support and they said they couldn’t find the information and told me to call the 800 number but when I called, the rep said he wasn’t able to find it either. If I was sure of these specs I would definitely buy it, especially for 40 bucks.

It’s very hard to find the engineering specs on this. (And shame on Samsung for not making them available!)

James Hogan did a teardown and published this:

If accurate, that’s twice the memory of the V3, and equal to the V2.

But that’s the only source I’ve seen for that number. :man_shrugging:t2:

There was one interesting official statement from Samsung:

Compared to the quantity of all hub units (V3 Hub, etc.) sold by Samsung until now, the quantity of SmartThings Station units sold is over four times higher,” said Kwon.

But I don’t know what “sold by Samsung“ means in that context. Does it include Amazon sales? Does it not count sales of the Aeotec Hub? I just don’t know. :thinking:

Tech insights has a deepdive teardown of the station, but it’s behind a pay wall:


Seeing the problems that @Buds_Smart_Home is having moving from the V2 the V3 makes this information decisive, especially as it would seem the way forward with a ‘multi-hub network’.
The Station is not yet available where I am but I’m planning on getting one.

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This is odd, surprised to see it includes z-wave. Everything is seen so far suggested zwave was missing from the station. Maybe the chip is there but it’s not supported in the firmware ?
It also doesn’t mention thread :thinking:

Good point: it doesn’t have a Z wave chip, which makes that whole set of specifications suspect. Those might just be the V2 specifications.

Again, I’m really annoyed that Samsung doesn’t seem to have this information available, even if you call support. :rage:


Jd, Yes, I saw that review by James Hogan and I also saw another review that just states Quad core processor with 512 MB of Ram and 4GB of flash. I’m skeptical because they both also say Zwave connectivity! For 40 bucks, I went ahead and ordered 2 from Amazon. Not sure why Samsung wants to keep it such a secret that their own support group can’t even find the specs!

Currently I have 3 V3 hubs. One for Zwave one for Zigbee and one for third-party integrations (Ring) (Taustin Vedge) etc. When I get the new Stations, I’m going to try Hub replace on the Zigbee V3 to the Station. I will report back how it goes. If it really does have twice the memory and a Quad core 1.7 GHZ processor then it should work very well. At that point I may try using Hub replace of the third-party integration hub as well. This will leave me running 2 stations and a V3 for Zwave.


one of those “hmmmm” oddities. the forum has been sending me notices of all the replies for this thread today so looking I see…


Ok, that’s weird. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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I signed up for Techinsights paywall to look at the Deep dive. Im waiting on a response from them but the screen shot below shows, seems more like the V3 processor.

“This generation of Samsung SmartThings Station is based on a 528 MHz, Single Core ARM Cortex-A7, MCIMX6Y1DVM05AB application processor from NXP Semiconductors.”

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I took a shot at the FCC documents for this device, and I didn’t see any reveling the internal memory, but the FCC did have a document exposing internal pictures of the various competents inside.


Yup, I saw them as well. I may take one apart when I get it and see if I can figure it out.

@AlejandroPadilla @Ivan_Luis_Falleau

Can either of you comment on the new Station hub and the processor and amount of memory on board. I cannot seem to find this information anywhere including a call to support. No one is going to switch from a V2 or V3 if no one knows the amount of memory and processor power compared to the new Station!

I purchased 2 of these during the Black Friday sale and want to use the Hub replace feature for 2 of my non Zwave V3 hubs. I don’t want to blow up my setup without knowing the specs. I have found 2 web reviews that state 1.7 Ghz Quad core processor with 512 MB of Ram and 4GB of flash but the articles also state Zwave support which I know is not true! I’m a little skeptical of the reviews. Is there anyway internally at ST to confirm this?

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Hello @mlchelp and everyone, please let me ask to the team in charge about this. I’ll keep you updated.


Hello @mlchelp and everyone, we don’t know the exact specs. But, what we know is that the Station hub has more memory available for drivers than the V3 hub.
Hope this may be helpful.


Thanks for checking. Im not sure why Samsung wants to keep this a secret.