NEW Hub Replace Feature for SmartThings Hubs!

I was the brave soul

         **This entire process took less than 20 minutes and worked flawlessly!**

I purchased two new Stations during the November Black Friday sale for $39.99, a great deal.

Adding the first Station was very easy and finished quickly! The whole process took less than five minutes.

I opened the SmartThings app, hit the plus sign, added a device, scanned the QR code, plugged in the Station, and it went through the startup. It started flashing, and SmartThings found it immediately. I changed the name to ‘Zigbee SmartThings Station’ and stepped through all the options and settings. I changed Zigbee secure to unsecure, picked ‘allow firmware updates,’ and also selected ‘update firmware’ on the information page. Now the device was ready to go. Moving on to hub replace, even though I was a little apprehensive about this blowing up my whole setup."

Hub replace. I remembered that my Zigbee V3 hub was hardcoded to channel 25, so I went onto the SmartThings advanced API and changed the Station channel to 25. This step was out of caution and may not have been necessary. Then I opened the SmartThings app, selected my Zigbee hub, clicked on the three dots, and chose ‘Replace hub.’ Then clicked 'Replace hub.


Next, you will see the next page and a warning message.

Hit OK and then Next.

Next, you will see the screen below listing all of the devices that will be transferred. I stopped at this step and compared all the devices listed to the list of devices in the SmartThings API to make sure everything looked good.


Then scrolled to the bottom and hit Replace. My heart skipped a beat when I did this. LOL. I knew after I hit the button there was no going back!

Then I got the ‘Replacing Hub’ screen with the message that all devices may take 20 minutes to reconnect.

The transfer took less than a minute to finish. The screen below was displayed after finishing.

Checking my devices, I saw that some were offline, so I waited.

After about 10 minutes, everything looked good, and I noticed my original hub was removed, and the lights were flashing red and green, back in pairing mode.

I was very pleasantly surprised that this went so smoothly! Good job, SmartThings – way to go. I complain a lot, but when something works like this with no issues, I have to applaud it.

Thank you @nayelyz @Ivan_Luis_Falleau @AlejandroPadilla