Samsung connect hub

The new smartthings inside the Samsung connect are more powerful at hardware levels than the v2 hub

Question, I don’t find smartthings specs in the new hub ( router + smartthings ).

In the samsung connect , not the pro version, I see 750mhz for processor. In the Smartthings hub V2, the speed of processor is 1ghz. 750 mhz Is it just the speed of processor for router, or it’s the speed for router and smartthings built in.

Sorry for my english, i’m a french

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Do you know if the new 3 pack router extend z-wave signal

For the wifi signal , that work perfectly and easily, but i 'dont able to add a switch in my garage. Presently with new imesh router, I have the same internet as in the house. each router have a smartthings hub. why don’t able to add or exclude a new switch.

Currently the additional routers do not act as zigbee/Z-Wave repeaters.

You will not see a performance difference between the v2 Hub and the Samsung Connect SmartThings Hub.


the router in my garage for extend my wifi sgnal. he have a smartthings hub built in. He have a possibility for use , smarttthings hub inside independently.

with hub V3, when I open smartthings hub with smartthings app, I add switch . All switch work when I using with ST app or with Samsung Connect app. But when I close, open or dim manually the state don’t change in both apps. If in switch, I push on refresh, the state real state appear in both apps

In smartthings IDE, in live logging, manually I don’t see input in log. The same switch in Hub V2 , when I move manually , I see many input in log