How install AEON LABS Z-wave Range Extender SmartThings Hub?

How using AEON LABS Z-wave Range Extender Z-wave?
1/ Plug and play
2/ Or to add devices to the hub smartthings (similar to the type of sensors and switches,…)



The extender was used back in the third generation of the wave.

We are now in the fifth generation and a single purpose extender is no longer needed. In fact, it will have a shorter range then A zwave plus device.

At this point, Any mains-powered zwave device except a smoke sensor will act as a repeater. That includes light switches, in wall receptacles, in wall relays, pocket sockets, plug-in sensors, and even most Z wave lightbulbs.

Ideally, you will want zwave plus devices, because these have the longest range.

So there really isn’t any reason anymore to buy The Aeotec zwave range extender. You will get even better range from a dual purpose device as long as it is zwave plus.

The following blog article has more information about extending range.


Thanks very much.
I see more clearly for problem.

New ask:
Let me know with the need for a this device ( for deploy smart home.
Do I need to buy one (Spectrum Analyzers) or not?



You shouldn’t need that.

If you are trying to set up a home automation network and nothing is working and you think there is a lot of interference from your neighbors, then it might be useful, but I would say less than one in 10,000 of SmartThings customers would even have a use for it.

If you do run into an interference problem, it’s almost always Wi-Fi drowning out zigbee, and you don’t need a spectrum analyzer to figure that out.

I know you asked a question in another topic about a large house: the following threads should help with that.

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Why not?
An account can attach multiple Hub SmartThings.

A virtual hub was created with devices physical hubs there.

Their programming work to be done on the virtual hub.

It’s great for developers who are not used to IFTTT.

Suggest SmartThings upgraded to meet the large apartments.


thanks for suggestions


Add it to hub just like any other Z-wave device. Will probably add as just " z wave device " ( that it what z-wave extenders I have show as) , just make sure it shows as on in the app and forget about it. I usually rename it as ______ room extender , just so I know not to turn it off.


I can tell you have a bunch of Iris 3210s lol

@vtminhvt if you are in need of extenders get a couple of these bad boys…Zwave plus, beaming, you cannot ask for more, plus you get a functional zigbee on/off switch that also acts as repeater for you zigbee devices.

[RELEASE] Iris Smart Plug (3210-L) Zigbee Plug with Z-wave Repeater


Damn deals thread


Is Iris open platform?


Tell me about it!!! Almost killed my hub the other day because I replaced a bulky GE outdoor outlet that I was using inside, with an Iris 3210-L. And accidently created a GE ghost that set my mesh on fire!

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We are hijacking the thread, but ya, (not ) looking forward to playing plumber this weekend installing the shut off valve that arrived yesterday.

Making up for hijacking

The new Iris ( most) are just standard Centralite and will work with ST. The advantage of the plug we are talking about is that it is a zigbee switch with a built in Z-Wave extender. So you get double the bang for your buck. There were some Lowe’s stores that had them on clearance for < $15 and we bought out the stock.


Thanks @RLDreams