Aeon Labs DSD37 Range Extender vs. Aeotec Range Extender 6

What is the difference between these two devices that are both marketed as “range extenders” by essentially the same company? Although I have not yet been able to find a definitive answer, despite a fair amount of Internet searching, I’m getting the impression that the former may be a newer version of the latter. (???) I’ve also noted the former is characterized as “Z-Wave,” whereas the latter is sometimes, but not always, characterized as “Z-Wave Plus.”

I DO understand that any mains-powered Z-Wave device will also act as a Z-Wave repeater/range extender. However, in my circumstance, I want to use a dedicated Z-Wave Plus repeater/range extender.

Both of these devices are currently available on Amazon, as well as other outlets. Both of these devices are mentioned in various blogs as recently as July 2019. However, the Aeon Labs website only lists the latter device.

These two devices seem to be the highest-rated/most-recommended dedicated Z-Wave repeaters/range extenders, but I am open to any/all suggestions for this application.

Two different generations of the same device. The “Z wave” DSD 37 is the older model which has been replaced by the range extender six.

“Zwave plus” is the fifth generation of the Z wave protocol and has a number of benefits over previous generations, in particular longer range and better power consumption.

All of that said, you don’t need either of those devices. Or any other single purpose “range extender.”

We did need them back in the third generation of zwave when quite a few end devices didn’t operate at maximum power in order to save battery life. But starting with the fourth generation, pretty much every device sold now operates at the maximum anyway.

Which means that almost all mains powered zwave devices ( The exception is smoke alarms and a few other life and safety monitoring devices) now give you exactly the same repeating and network extension capability as the single purpose extenders. :electric_plug:

So every mains powered light switch, plug-in pocket socket, plug-in sensor, etc. improves your network just as much as the single purpose devices and you get the benefit of using them for their primary purpose as well. It just makes a lot more sense to buy a plug-in pocket socket then to buy a single purpose extender these days. You’ll probably spend less money and definitely get more functionality out of The dual purpose device. :sunglasses:

For example, the following plug-in costs the same amount as the single purpose range extender, extends the range in exactly the same way and to exactly the same amount, but also lets you have smart switch control over two devices.

So, again, there’s just no reason to get the single purpose range extenders anymore. But if somebody offered you a free one, definitely get the Z wave plus model as it will have a longer range which is the whole point of that device.

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JD: Thank you for your prompt response and helpful answer, even though I just realized that I reversed the products to which I was referring.

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I was just exchanging some email with Aeotec - their claim is that the Range Extender actually does ‘transmit’ a signal further than their other devices, so it can reach devices at a farther range…

However, those devices can’t necessarily transmit the signal back to the extender.

They recommend the extender being used in pairs in very large houses, but otherwise something like a switch or siren would work perfectly in a smaller house if the hub isn’t in a central location or not quite strong enough to reach all the devices.