Z-Wave extender/repeater -- current best options?

I know there are lots of older articles on this here … but what’s the most current recommendation for Z-Wave extenders?

Most of my existing plug-in devices are Zigbee, but I’m about to add some of the SensaStrips and want to make sure I have a strong network to support them before I install them.

Are these Aeotec/Aeon single purpose devices good?

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The most current recommendation, which came in with Z wave generation four (we are now in generation five, zwave plus), is don’t use these at all. :sunglasses: You don’t need them. Most mains powered Z wave devices will work as a repeater and “extend“ your network in exactly the same way as the single purpose devices. That includes light switches, plug in pocket sockets, plug-in sensors, in wall micros, etc. The repeating will happen automatically. So you might as well choose a device which fulfills another purpose as well, It’s just a better use of your money.

Back in generation three, not all devices transmitted at the same level, and it was sometimes helpful to have a single purpose device that would transmit at maximum power. But these days all the devices transmit at the same power anyway, you don’t get anything from a single purpose “extender” that you don’t get from any other mains powered device.

You can read more in the following wiki article:


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