How I Setup a Smartthings Porch Motion Notification Routine in Stringify

See the steps taken to setup a Stringify flow to control my SmartThings devices. The routine in Stringify is specifically designed to use multiple SmartThings devices to notify me of motion detected on my front porch. The routine uses the Stringify date/time function and the connector function which are two of the many functions which are native to Stringify.

The flow is triggered by my SmartThings motion detector. When the Stringify flow is triggered, four separate smartthings device actions are initiated to notify me of activity on my front porch. The GE Z-Wave Lighting Control Dimmer Switch is triggered, the Dome Alarm emits an audible chime, the SmartThings Smart Outlet flashes my desk lamp on and off repeatedly, and a push notification is sent to my smartphone. This routine requires the paring of SmartThings to the Stringify application giving Stringify permission to access the aforementioned SmartThings devices. This pairing of SmartThings with Stringify has enabled me to make countless routines and has elevated my automation abilities to new heights. Check out the Stringify flow here

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You can also check out the popular webCoRE App that is specifically designed for SmartThings and kicks all forms of arse. Stringify is cool too!

Thanks. I’ve done some limited work in webCoRE. It a nice app for sure!

Another option
Dumb movement sensor
30w led security light or anything you fancy
Power sense pocket socket
Smartthings automations
Smartthings smart app created by user @Cobra

Basicaly, powersense plug to movement sensor, movement sensor to light

On movement power draw raises, smart plug detects power draw @Cobra smart app detects power draw and triggers any smart automation you want, really basic but hugely configurable

How’s the motion sensor doing exposed to sub-freezing temps? Any issues?

I’ve had to replace the battery once after about a year of use.