Custom routines like Stringify flows


I have been using Stringify for quite some time as the backbone for all my smart gadgets. They recently got purchased by Comcast, and I fear they will inevitably shut down their free service (if they made us pay i wouldn’t think twice of doing it). Nevertheless, I do think if i could just re-do most of my flows from stringify in smartthings, and i know the answer is yes. However, i am not certain how you could do the multiple OR’s or If Else statements that you can do in Stringify do it in Smartthings.

For example, i have a routine right now for turning my house to AWAY and turn everything off. The way it works is one of two ways. It will either run if i manually click a button or if after an hour that i am AWAY and haven’t changed the mode to AWAY it will turn it to AWAY. Seems simple enough, however it is a bit more complex than that as i have added error checking.

For the button press, for example, if i click the button it will only continue the flow IF ONLY i am outside of the perimeter of the house AND IF ONLY my mode is set to HOME ( to check a previous state) then it will turn everything off and change mode to AWAY.

For the second way it will run the routine is when i leave my perimeter a timer will start for 1 hour under these conditions: IF ONLY the mode was already set to HOME. Once the timer runs out then it checks again if I am truly away and if the mode is still set to HOME. Then it will continue with the away routine and change mode to AWAY and turn everything off.
(the reason for this routine is since i can be walking my dog and i don’t want it to turn everything off).

Does any one know if smartthings will ever make it more roubust to make routines like this?


I do use Stringify to bridge between Wink and ST as well and it would be a bad day if they were to shutdown.
You should try out WebCoRE. It’s a rule engine created by @ady624 and it will definitely up to your requirement.


If all the devices are in the SmartThings ecosystem, Webcore is the way


Thanks for the suggestion! I will keep that in mind! I still hope and pray to the Gods of IoT that Stringify doesn’t ceases to exist in the future, but good to know there is something of an alternative out there that can help.

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