How I monitor my fence gates

I was recently at the movies and my phone started ringing off the hook. Two different neighbors were calling to say they saw my crazy dog running around outside the fence. I knew I needed a way to make sure my gates were closed. I read a few threads here and got some ideas, and I wanted to post up exactly what I did for anyone else who may want to do the same.

In short, I bought an Indoor/Outdoor, wide gap open/close sensor, paired it with a dry contact switch sensor, a waterproof project box and some screws/caulking. All in the job took 15 minutes per gate.

Chamberlain Wide Gap Bar Switch, $7.30,

Estone Project Box Kit, $8.76,

Aeotec by Aeon Labs ZW097 Dry Contact Sensor, Small, White, $34.95,

New photo by Jason Giddens

I started by connecting the Bar Sensor to the Dry Contact sensor and testing sensor placement. Once I found a good location I drilled a hole in the enclosure and threaded the wire through the box:
New photo by Jason Giddens

Then Mounted the sensors and the box:
New photo by Jason Giddens

Once I was satisfied with the location and sensor placement I put the Aeotec sensor in the enclosure, added a dollop of silicone at the opening and sealed it up tight.

Once all that was done I installed the custom device handler from this thread:

and I was in business.

Hope this helps!


So, all the pictures came out poorly, so I just threw the images in an imgur album.

Hope this helps!


Now that’s…“Smart”!


@Jason_Giddens thanks for all the work that you put into getting this to work and the pictures. I just ordered all the parts for my gate. As @rontalley said that’s SMART. This community is the best.