How Get Hub information through API

I have read the document of SmartThings Developer but I didn’t find any API to get Hub Info ( Hub Status, the Connected device…) from API as the Image below. I’m wondering do they provide an API to get this information.

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You may want to black out the hub ID number in your image.

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There’s no endpoint to query specific information about the Hub, but it is included in the devices endpoint.
For example, using the CLI, you can execute this command:

//Get its details like name, type, and paired devices (IDs only)
smartthings devices deviceID -j

//Check its health (online/offline)
smartthings devices:health deviceID -j

Let me check more details about info on the Zigbee and Z-Wave info with the engineering team.

Thank you. I found that we can get the heal check of the device through API{deviceId}/health also.

Thank you! I hid this information


what is the risk ? the ST security schema is already paranoid enough and restricts everything

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The CLI command devices:health makes a request to that endpoint, so, it’s practically the same, the difference is that you can use the URL to make REST requests in a project of your own.

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