Is it possible to get hub status (online/offline)


may i have a quick question,
is it possible to get hub status availability from smart app

the intention is to get the hub status and send the status to a 3rd party cloud

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Not at the moment. Maybe in the future though.

Could this please be added as a feature request.

The connection status of devices is as crucial - if not more so, than the state the device is in. Automations can’t be written correctly if the state that the device is in is not reliable.

Because the above is true, the state of the hub itself is doubly important! If we are relying on devices to tell us their state but the means of communication of all devices goes offline and we don’t know, then we will assume that the devices are ok.

Knowing the state of the hub is crucial.

I can see from the logs (both in the Events list for the hub and the live stream of the app) that the hub is reporting its state to the cloud. However there is no way of subscribing to this event.

Please provide a means of subscribing to the events of the HUB, not just the devices.

Again, this feature is of crucial priority.

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Is there a way to get approximation of this from status of certain devices… if you poll an always on device every 5 minutes and then notice that it hasn’t updated for 10-15… then something must be wrong?