Device API method for Device Status


I need to know whether a devices is operational. How do I get its status?

At http://graph-** there’s a column Status that states a device’s with values INACTIVE / ACTIVE / OFFLINE / ONLINE.

I’ve checked and tried methods available for Device based on its API documentation:
However I can’t find which returns the status that I need.

Is this possible with their API?

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Please read the Developer Documentation section on “Web Services SmartApps”.

Hi tgauchat,

It says in:

A Web Services SmartApp exposes endpoints that third parties can make REST calls to. It can then do anything a normal SmartApp can do - get device status, actuate devices, etc. - and send a response back to the calling client.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I think the device status being referred here is the state of an attribute ie. on/off, lock/unlocked etc.

What I want to query for is status related to:

  • If the device has malfunctioned

  • If the device is unreachable

  • The SmartThings Hub has gone offline

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The first two items are not yet generally available; but a set of new “Health Check” functions, so far undocumented, are appearing on some devices, so I presume you should stay tuned. SmartThings moves pretty slowly on new features, though, so don’t hold your breath.

As for #3, perhaps lookup what documentation is available of the properties in the Location object (i.e., location.*). Perhaps also “hub Actions” (though those are for initiating actions, rather than receiving status on an offline hub).

(While community members sometimes have answers at our fingertips, we really do prefer that new developers become intimately familiar with the official documentation first.)

Hi tgauchat,

Noted on the first two items.

As for #3, I’ve already read through Location and Hub documentation and tried out all methods there. Nothing related to hub availability.

As you can see, the items I’m looking for are not currently available in the official documentation that’s why I’ve posted a question here in case I missed out on something.

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Thanks, Jemuel.

Be sure to also exhaustively use the Search function and Google… Happy Holidays!