Question on the Pollster App

I have installed the Pollster app (which btw is awesome… the instructions crisp… helped me install the smart app perfectly) My question is how do i know if the Pollster app is working ? In smartthings app under “My Apps” I do see the Pollster app along with the other apps. The only thing different I see on this app that I dont see on any of my other apps is that on Pollster app there is the triangle Play icon (similar to what you see on youtube etc. for videos) I click on the Pollster app but nothing happens.
Also the main reason i got this app was so that it updates the GE link bulb status, but i dont see that happening. Am i doing something wrong? Any help would be gladly appreciated.

I have also gone through many of the threads here on Pollster but couldn’t quite find the answer to my questions. Also I have around 25 bulbs (5 Philips and 20 GE Link) that are connected to Smartthings through the Philips Hue bridge and imported in to smartthings using the Hue connect smart app.


Did you click on the gear on the top left corner of the pollster icon to setup the smartapp?

I did that and have added the bulbs to the various Polling groups. The main reason behind installing the app is so that I get an accurate status of the bulbs ( which is almost 75% of my home automation setup) Also please do advise if there is anything else I can do to get an accurate bulb status

Ok. Go to the individual devices and check the activity. It should indicate when the device was polled by Pollster.

Thanks a lot Ernie… I do see that the devices are being refreshed as expected. Appreciate your help and prompt reply. Activity logs says:

Sent Refresh Command to Bulb # 1

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@schalekar, you can also see a really good view by going to:

IDE --> My Locations --> List SmartApps --> Pollster (or what ever name you gave it)

Go all the way down the list, and it should be listed under Other. After you click on it to open details, click on List Events and then “all”

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