Polling didn't work with Device Types

(Marcio) #1


I created my first integration to show temperature information using an Spark Core. At my device type I add Polling and Refresh capabilities, implementing bouth in the code like this:

def poll()  {
    log.debug "Poll"

def refresh()  {
    log.debug "Refresh"

But the Polling never called the update, for update the informations I need to force the refresh.

My doubt is if the Polling is working and if I need to do more to put it to work with my code?

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(Florian Z) #2

I have nothing but jealousy for you… jealousy that you already got your hands on your Spark Core. I am still waiting for mine.

All joking aside, I would also love to get some clarity on the polling capability, and how it is different from refresh.

(Marcio) #3

Nobody can help me with this information?

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(Florian Z) #4

@marcio_camurati, you can get in touch with SmartThings support to get that information straight from the source. The support staff is very responsive. Let us know what the answer is.