How do you use your pan-tilt ip camera?

(Brian Smith) #1

I’m curious to see the use scenarios for pan-tilt cameras in the house. I understand the fixed camera a bit more and I can see uses for a pan-tilt, but I’m just curious how others truly use it.

(Brian) #2

I use the foscam code. The pan/tilt functions are virtually useless right now because the app doesnt support live video.
Imagine pan…take snapshot…pan more…take snapshot…tilt a bit…take snapshot

its useless as it stands.

(Brian Smith) #3

I was also curious outside of ST how people use it in a home environment. The most I can think of is to remotely watch pets! :slight_smile:

(George Sudarkoff) #4

I pan when my son gets of his bed and goes to play in the opposite corner of the room. Though, I wish the camera had a fisheye lense instead.