Foscam Pan/Tilt WiFi Cameras @ Meh $30-$70

Model: FI8910W, FI9821P, FI9831P, FI9826P

Just about to post this. I have a couple of these cameras…

FI9821P - $40 ($64 @ Amazon)
FI8910W - $30 ($65 @ Amazon)
FI9831P - $50 ($69 @ Amazon)
FI9826P - $70 ($160 @ Amazon)

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Funny, I learned about this Amazon deal from the comments in the meh email, lol…


$60 is a pretty good deal for the R2. I’ve been using one for about 6 months, I like it more than the FI9821W it replaced. Better field of view and resolution. Too bad that amazon coupon only seems to apply to the black one, not the white.

I’d get a couple except I already have 16 cameras…

Foscam support don’t give a °£×¢ about their customers.

@BBoy486 - You are right about that.

I only buy Amcrest and Dahua now. A while back Foscam put their watermark on the video feed and it could not be removed. I stopped buying them then. They have since removed it but it took 6 months for them to respond with a new firmware.

FYI - Amcrest is a rebranded Dahua with slightly better support.

Agreed to the terrible experience with Foscam. I pulled them out and wouldn’t use it again. Integration and support is brutal.

Hold on. Didn’t Foscam become Armcrest?

Not really. It’s a little complicated but…

“Foscam US” was just a company that imported and resold “Foscam” cameras in the US. Basically “Foscam” screwed “Foscam US” so “Foscam US” became “Amcrest”. “Amcrest” formerly “Foscam US” rebrands mid to lower end “Dahua” cameras for sale in the US. You can get good “Dahua” cameras online cheaper than “Amcrest” but I doubt you will get support if needed.


I still have 4 FI8910Ws . They were the first IP cameras I bought about 6 years ago. They may not be HD, but to be honest the picture quality is as good if not better than my Nest & Canary cams. The audio is 100 time better, they pic up noises in another room, can understand the conversation. Where Nest & Canary you only get a barely audible whisper if they are standing within about 5 feet and talking to the camera. One of them fell off the top of the fridge and broke the pan gear but other than that they have been working flawlessly . Sending motion stills to local network drive and Gmail. I set each camera up with its own Gmail address for sending alarms.

I still use 9 Foscam cameras. They are good. I just got pissed off about the watermark and left them…

I’d never buy any of the closed camera platforms like Nest or Canary… you can’t connect them to software like BlueIris. You stuck with “their” cloud. I am not familiar with Canary, but I am assuming it is closed.

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I didn’t do enough research when I got the Nest and listened to their hype about compatibility. I wrongly assumed that you had local access without paying their $10/month per camera. Same thing with the Canary. I liked that they didn’t look like a camera and fit in well opposite Echoes for aesthetic purposes. Once again I listened to their promises about being open and upcoming compatibility that never happened. At least their $99/year $10/mo is for up to 4 cams not per camera.

I have 16 live cameras that record 24 hours a day to a local server. Local access is a must for me… lol

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I also had a pretty good experience with amcrest customer support last year. I bought one of their 1080p pan/tilt cameras (forget the model #). It started acting funny after a few weeks; support was responsive, told me they’d replace it, sent me a prepaid label to ship the defective one back. Then while I was waiting for the new one, my three camels price alert on the foscam R2 went off. So I bought the R2 and I’ve been happy with it. Still haven’t figured out where to put the replacement amcrest…

Wait you actually got a reply from Foscam support?

I have to Foscam cameras where the power brick no longer works with the camera. It makes a clicking noise even though it’s the power supply that came with the camera.

So I emailed them asking if they had a replacement power supply and crickets. They are straight-up ghost.

So I have cameras that functionaly work but…

Ha… I called and waited on hold for 40 minutes or so.

$60 for an R2 seemed like a great deal so I bought two, one of which was obviously repackaged and stops responding on the network after about 30 minutes of use. Amazon is only accepting returns (not replacements), so I won’t be able to replace it at the discounted cost and the experience suggests I might want to find another model for further deployments.

On the plus side it integrates well w/ Blue Iris and I can use BI to transcode the camera stream to MJPEG for ActionTiles etc.

I have 6 of the 9821P camera’s in the house, I had a 9851 that didn’t work correctly that was new. Contacted Foscam and they exchanged no issues to a 9821P camera. Never had a problem with Foscam support.

Bought several replacement power supplies from Ebay just in case.

Outside running Lirux Flir POE cameras.

Was it Foscam US or Foscam?