What IP cameras do people use

Hi All
Just wondering what IP cameras are people using with smart things and how well do they work.
Only asking as the 2 cameras which are supported by smart things are very pricey for what they do


Foscams are popular on the forum.

One thing to note. You will not be able to stream video or get clips with Smart Home Monitor with any other camera outside of our supported models.

Do you know if smart things are working on getting any more IP cameras supported

I have lorex lnc16 and would love to get support for it.
If I can’t do video streaming at least motion trigger.

when no one home activate motion and alert me via ST.

I do recording via SD card on the camera.

@vicjagsingh. This is not possible the Lorex LNC cameras. I have 4 of those myself. They are very closed. What I ended up doing was getting a smart switch for them. When we are home it is turned off and when we leave the home they are turned on. So if you can find a good deal on some smart switches you may want to give it a try.

I use it as a baby monitor. however the placement is personal for security as well.

I have to disable any motion/audio sensor because my son will trigger it ever second.