How do you run Routines from Alexa?

How do I run Routines with Amazon Echo? I see the routines in the Alexa App but not sure of the commands to use.

“Turn on…”

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Thanks, I have been saying the wrong action phrase. I have been saying run plus I’m Back etc insteads of turn on. I will try that tonight.

UPDATE: The routines are in the Alexa app and I told “Alexa Turn On I’m Back” but Alexa says she doesn’t understand the command. What am I doing wrong?

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Try saying Alexa, tell smartthings I’m back.

I have a routine to turn on lights when I wake up and adjust the thermostat. I say Alexa, tell smartthings good morning and she does it.

Are you using the askAlexa app created by a community developer or are you referring to the Amazon Alexa app? The askAlexa app will help with the smartthings/ Alexa integration. In the askAlexa app, you can create voice macros also to run routines.

The app is the Amazon Alexa app which is linked to SmartThings. Everything else works except the routines.

Look into the askAlexa app created by a community developer here. Amazon’s app is very limited in what you can actually do.

With askAlexa do I have to overwrite the native Alexa App we have in SmartThings?

The Amazon app doesn’t do much. askAlexa integrates Alexa with smartthings to enable a lot to be done by voice control. You will keep the Amazon app on your phone also.

OK but I need a Amazon developer account and a Lombada code. Correct?

It seems overwhelming but it’s not that bad to set up.

OK this weekend I will attempt it.

Alexa’s voice recognition probably doesn’t spell “I’m” the same way. Try simpler words.

Well I decided that I won’t use Alexa to change routines as I don’t want to add another SmartApp to my IDE as it is slow as hell now. I was told by support they are working on it. It takes two to three minutes to open My Smart Apps or My Device Types. Also Alexa is linked to SmartThings and it shows the routines in their app but it doesn’t understand and routines. I have tried “Alexa tell SmartThings i’m Back” I tried “Alexa Turn on i’M back” no luck on any. I also don’t have anything assigned to any routine other than ULM but not controlling a lock etc. Just so I can use my IRIS keypad to arm and disarm my SmartAlarm. Maybe since it is attached to the keypad it is considered a alarm device and won’t work.

Mine wont run routines if they set security or have locks in it so I created a couple virtual switches that triggers a piston that runs the routine


Same for me. Per advice here in the community, I created a virtual switch then used CoRE to run a routine when the virtual switch is turned on. So, I say “alexa turn on bedtime” and it runs core piston…
-turn off desired lights (I should probably move this into the Good Night routine)
-run Good Night routine to arm home
-flash a lamp 5 times if I forgot to close one of the doors

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I thought about doing this, but decided to simplify .my setup. As I said before my IDE is so slow it takes forever to load, and sometimes it times out. During install of App. I hope they fix this soon, then I can do what I want.

I just noticed there are a lot of options in the SmartThings Routines and most of it can probably be done without CoRE (except the flashing lamp part I have).

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@tpip, with the AskAlexa community developed app, do you have to say “Alexa, ask AskAlexa…”?

You don’t say askAlexa but you will need to say the invocation command ie Alexa, tell smartthings goodbye (or good night, etc)
You invocation word is smartthings. You can also change it to something that works better for you. I changed my invocation word to house.

Alexa, tell house sleep (it’s the goodnight routine)
ok (all lights turn off)

I’m not currently using askAlexa. Amazon has updated what Alexa can do. Alexa can now execute routines created in the Amazon Alexa App.

Yeah, the newest update seems to solve a lot, but it’s also broken a lot of things or made them hard to distinguish where actions are coming from- Echo directly or from ST. VERY interesting though… How would you change the invocation? In order to keep family support with my Home Automation addiction, I have to keep everything very simple and conversational with Echo. LOL